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We believe that photographers who treasure their gear deserve a place to come together.

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About Shutterlife

At KEH Camera, we've sold a lot of photography equipment, and we know just how much photographers treasure what’s in their camera bag. That's why we built a site that highlights both the gear and the people who use it - welcome to Shutterlife! This is the place where photographers, photos, and their equipment all come together.

On Shutterlife, you can manage your own virtual camera bag and track details for items you own. You can discover the cameras people are using and see how they used them to take their best shots. You can share your own photos and the equipment that helped you capture them. You can even tell your camera story, from your very first point-and-click to the latest-and-greatest upgrade you're using today.

In other words, you can join the one online community that highlights every single aspect of being a photographer - from the person to the camera to the photo.




About KEH Camera

KEH Camera has served over 1.5 million photographers since 1979 and is the world’s largest online used camera and photographic equipment store. With over 38 years of experience in selling and buying pre-owned cameras, KEH is committed to offering great value, high quality equipment, hassle-free returns, and unmatched customer service.

Great Value, High Quality: We offer up to 40% below retail price and instant quotes on your gear so you can upgrade your equipment as much as you like. Our proprietary, 10-point grading system leads the industry. Our professional photography technicians inspect, grade, and certify all equipment prior to every sale.

Hassle-Free Returns: We offer a 180-day warranty and 14-day hassle-free returns because we believe in the products we sell.

Unmatched Customer Service: For over 38 years, we’ve had a reputation of unmatched customer service in the industry.

See for yourself why KEH is the smarter way to buy and sell!